Account Dashboard

One of my first projects at Mapbox was to work on the account dashboard. Working with another designer, I helped improve the designs and push the project to launch to make it easier for our customers to access their access tokens, usage, billing, and profile.

ux design, visual design, responsive web design, project management


Previously editing one's account was part of our product, Studio, but as we have more products there needs to be a centralized place for our customers to access and manage their Mapbox account. How can we make a more seamless account experience for Mapbox customers?


I worked closely with a designer to improve the UX and push this project to launch. I worked specifically on improving the two factor authentication flow, showing planning and usage, accessing your access tokens, and worked closely with the developers to see all of the designs through. We performed user testing and quickly iterated.

Final Designs

And after some internal testing, we launched in January 2018. We gave our customers easier access to their statistics and billing without having to go through Studio. We made it easier for developers to access their access tokens to quickly use our services. We made our pricing more visually transparent to set our customer’s expectations. And we made it easier for our customer success team to manage and troubleshoot customer accounts. There is still room for improvement such as making the statistics section more useful and adding multiple-user accounts for easy team collaboration. This launch has helped in setting the foundation for these to happen in the future.

New Account Dashboard Landing Page

Two-Factor Authentication Flow

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