I worked with OpenCounter, a civic startup that helps improve economic development in cities, to design a responsive site to help potential small business owners.

visual design, UX design, branding


How can we help potential small business owners figure out where they have a zoning clearance to open up their new business?


I started with sketching what the flow could look like. From there I translated the sketches to wireframes in Balsamiq.

After we settled on a flow to start with, I jumped into high fidelity mockups in Photoshop. I played with different colors and fonts.

We continued to iterate on the flow and colors until my clients were happy. From there I moved on to what it would look like on mobile.

Once the desktop and mobile mocks were finalized, I moved on to designing the logo in Illustrator. Here were some of the different logo treatments I tried out.

Final Designs

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